Most of us avid horror fans live and breathe the Halloween lifestyle year round, but there is no question that there is an entirely different and ever so refreshing hauntingly exhilarating chill in the air during October. It’s the time to fully embrace and celebrate our love for the horror genre that much more, whether it be revisiting Halloween favorites or checking out a horror film we’ve never seen before. Zack Daggy, one of the Scared to Deth contributors, created an event for horror fans alike to share in a movie marathon challenge to watch 31 horror or Halloween themed movies in October, giving us all the opportunity to share our month long horror binge with others in the horror community doing the same. We hope our readers will join us in the worldwide virtual event!

Below are the official rules and outline of the event:

So, you want to take the #31DaysOfHalloween challenge, eh? Think that you can handle 31 straight days of Halloween festivities? Then you need to know the Official Rules of #31DaysOfHalloween. What follows is a simple guide to this spooktacular film challenge, presented in an easy to understand FAQ format.

Q: What is #31DaysOfHalloween?

A: The #31DaysOfHalloween challenge is to watch at least 31 horror and/or Halloween themed films over the span of October.

Q: When does #31DaysOfHalloween begin and end?

A: It begins at the start of October 1st, at the stroke of midnight, and it ends at sunrise on November 1st.

Q: How do I participate?

A: As you watch films over the month of October, post about each of the films on your favorite social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also follow the official #31DaysOfHalloween Facebook Event ( Just make sure that you include the hashtag #31DaysOfHalloween in each post. After that, follow the hashtag and chat it up with others that are taking the challenge. Socializing with other Halloween and horror genre fans is half the fun!

Q: Do I have to watch a movie every day?

A: Not at all. You can spread it out or marathon as many as you want in a single day. The choice is yours! The challenge is to watch at least 31 films in total before the end of Halloween night.

Q: If I reach 31 films before the end of October, do I stop there?

A: Only if you want. Most people that reach this point continue on and try for a high score. They then use this number in competition with friends, or try to break their own record the following  year.

Q: What determines a horror film?

A: Any film that is meant to elicit fear is considered horror. This fear can be caused by both real and fictitious beasts, and both supernatural and earthly threats. If the audience is meant to be afraid of the threat on screen, then it is more than likely a horror film.

Q: Can I watch non-scary horror films like Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice as a part of the challenge?

A: Absolutely! There are lots of cross-genre films that can go toward your 31 count. As long as a film at least references an element of horror as its main plot (vampires, ghosts, zombies), then it is totally eligible toward your total. Some examples of films that can be included in your total are, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Young Frankenstein, Warm Bodies and Hocus Pocus.

Q: I want to celebrate #31DaysOfHalloween with my family. Are kid friendly films allowed?

A: It’s not just allowed, but encouraged! Halloween should be enjoyed by everyone. While the kids are up, you can watch films like Hotel Transylvania and Goosebumps, and then after they’re tucked into bed you can pop in House of 1,000 Corpses. It will all tally toward your 31 films.

Q: What about TV shows?

A: Typical television shows don’t count toward your challenge in the official version of #31DaysOfHalloween. In the beta tested extended version (mentioned in detail in the Official #31DayOfHalloween Guide), television shows, books and video games can go toward your count. The only exception for the standard challenge mentioned in this FAQ  is TV movies and mini-series. The only catch is that no matter the length of the film or mini-series, it still only counts as one film, even if it’s in multiple parts. Stephen King’s original miniseries for  IT and the SyFy movie Sharknado are examples of TV movies that can still be included in your film count.

Q: What if I catch the tail end of a movie after coming upon it after flipping through the channels, or see it at a friend’s place?

A: This ultimately comes down to your own discretion, but usually the part of the film that you’ve watched needs to at least meet the following criteria; it is at least 50% of the film’s length (example: 45 minutes of a 90 minute movie) and the ending needs to feel satisfactory following the events that you watched. If the part of the film you watched meets this and you feel fine making it official, then by all means add it to your total film count!

Q: It’s November 1st, the sun is up and I have completed the #31DaysOfHallowen challenge. Now what?

A: Do a celebratory dance, eat some more Halloween candy and then go online to congratulate all the others that participated on social media. After that, get some rest. The countdown for the next #31DaysOfHalloween is on! You have 11 months to prepare!