The very first time she walked through the doors the haunting screams that echoed such devastation throughout the halls seemed to pierce through her. These screams lived and died here though, far away from the rest of the world. That was a chilling realization as she knew anything could be done to any of them and no one would ever know. At that point she knew she would be trapped here forever, faced with unspeakable forms of “treatment”. Even if you were sane, this place was like a breeding ground to be haunted by demons until it tore you apart and drove you towards madness.

If she thought she was living an inescapable nightmare before, she was rudely awakened to what true hopelessness felt like. Soon, “the crazies” would be the only true humanity left in this asylum, utterly defenseless to the monsters that administered the control. One night the staff decided to try an extreme procedure, believing the patients’ bodies were infecting their mind, they removed pieces of their flesh and organs, not steering clear of vital organs. They were not granted anesthesia as they told the patients they had to feel and remember the purging of this evil within them to begin to detest it and fear it above all else, to associate the disease with a pain greater than anything else or it would simply grow back when the wounds healed. She could hear patient after patient screaming in such agony and terror until they couldn’t fight anymore and all life drained out of them. Yet the nurses made no sign of letting up.  The silence was almost worse than the screams.

Immediately, there was a change in the air. It was colder, foreboding, and wreaked of rotting flesh sooner than seemed possible. Death and horror bled through this place stronger than ever before. She knew just how true this was when her nurse gave her a visit the following day. Nurse Helen wasn’t like the others, she was kind and viewed her as a human, instead of a vile animal to be caged away like the doctor seemed to see her and the others. Even when the conditions the patients were in gave her nightmares, she had to follow the doctor’s orders, but she helped the girl whenever she could, showing compassion and hope shouldn’t be lost even in a place as suffocating as this.

But this woman who entered the room wasn’t the same Helen. She oozed evil, a malevolent force possessing her very soul and getting off on her patients’ suffering. It was as if all the cold-hearted death lingering in the air after the mass murder created an even greater evil and went in to the closest living thing it could find, consuming and possessing the entire medical staff. The nurse electrocuted her until deep crimson poured out of her body, nearly unable to take the voltage and the ungodly force of the creature wielding it. The more the girl cried out the more it seemed to give her tormentor strength as she gleed over her pain. It was all she could do to bare it, to not let this defeat her. It was probably silly to even try, her chances for survival seemed nearly impossible now, but there was something in her that just couldn’t let her spirit be completely broken. It was the one thing she knew no one could take away from her if she kept her will strong enough.

Photography By: Kevin Mack

MUA: Desireé Gonzalez
MUA Assistant: Matt Olson