Adrenaline and fear surged through her. She had done it at last. She had done what her mother always wanted her to do; to seize the opportunity when it came, to fight back, and then run like hell, never looking back at the depraved captivity that had been the only home her sister and her had ever known. Her mother died to give them this chance. She couldn’t let that sacrifice be wasted.  It was now up to her to be strong for her sister and get them far away from the trauma that would likely always plague them. The scars of being used at Sebastian’s will would never truly be wiped from their minds, but if they could get free of his grasp maybe it cease to be the constant waking nightmare it had been for far too long.

If only they could escape. They were so close, closer than ever before, but there wasn’t much time. This might be the only chance they ever got. She wasn’t sure if she had killed their guard or not. Even if she had it was only a matter of time until Sebastian caught up. If he caught them it would all be over. The sisters knew their punishment would be merciless, but it was worth the risk. They had already suffered so much, what did they really have to lose at this point? What could he do to them he hadn’t already done? An unrelenting strength surged through them. In solidarity they knew they could face anything. Their mother risked her own safety to teach them that the psychological conditioning of this cult was a warped reality and only an attempt to make them dependent on the very person that abused and sought to further entrap them, that what Sebastian offered wasn’t real love or understanding as he claimed it to be. This realization was perhaps their greatest strength; that they could fight through the manipulation and see it for what it was thanks to the perseverance and clarity of mind their mother instilled in them.

Now that their mother was gone though they were each other’s only true family left and they had to get out of here together. There was still a biting fear, but together they found they had the strength to fight through that fear and not let it become them. Just the hope for freedom was an empowering catalyst that showed them how unbreakable their spirits really were.

Photography By: Toxic Love Photography

MUA: Sven Granlund