Final Girl

Final Girl
Noun | ˈfīnl ɡərl

A horror staple focusing on the female lead who refuses to be a victim, who has endured more torment than the body and mind should be able to endure, and is still standing, refusing to fully succumb to the horrors she is being subjected to.

There’s nothing we love more than a strong horror heroine so ‘Final Girl’ seemed to be the perfect opening theme for the birth of Scared to Deth. Final Girl fiercely encompasses our perspective and goals of highlighting women in the genre who show such awe inspiring bravery, intelligence, and strength against crippling terrors and all odds stacked against them. We wanted to feature these women who didn’t wait around to be saved, who refused to be victims, who were their own heroes. Since we both fell in love with horror through slasher films and the best of the sub-genre tends to have an unrelenting final girl as their heroine it drew us to honoring them through our first theme.


Our introductory photoshoot dives into the exploration of what the ‘Final Girl’ spirit and determination against great horror means to us and what the gritty, daunting reality can look like.

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When we were deciding on what films to review in our first theme we asked around what came to mind with the phrase ‘final girl’. Nancy was the most common answer, which is not at all surprising since she is highly regarded as one of the strongest, smartest final girls with a real thirst for survival. We love Nightmare on Elm street for a myriad of reasons so we were happy to dive right into such an iconic film for our first review.

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With blood,
Sisters in Deth