Sisters in Deth

Scared to Deth is a multimedia horror website featuring film reviews, photoshoots, and other story-based exploration and discussions, focusing on a different sub-genre or horror staple each month. Its objective is to give a voice to the female perspective in horror and to strive for better quality material in the substance, capabilities, and realism of female characters . The site also aims to actively seek out and celebrate the best in horror; horror that can speak to us or simply bring glee to our gorehound hearts. The website is the collaborative creative brainchild of horror actress/models, Leslie Gladney and Kelsey Zukowski, who felt frustrated by the weak, often overly sexualized, and one dimensional roles they saw for women in the genre. Having great passion, insight, and belief in horror, they sought to create an avenue for both discussions and creation, tackling their artistic impulses in multiple forms of examining everything from cult classics to new under the radar gems, and telling a compelling story based on what the given month’s theme and sub-genre of horror invokes in them.

In this image they created, the Deth sisters, the fictional manifestations of Gladney and Zukowski’s creative alter egos in the horror world. Each month through a photo story there will be a different version and reality the Deth sisters are depicted through as they touch on a different breed of horror. The monthly stories will hold the intention of telling a unique story that showcases their interpretation and representation of the many intriguing complex layers and examination of light and darkness, fear and strength, despair and hope, which the genre is capable of breathing such life and power in to.