The Bechdel Test, named after American cartoonist Allison Bechdel, is an indicator to measure the strength of women in fiction based on the requirement that two female characters must have a discussion together about something other than a man.

We have decided to include whether any given film we watch at passes or fails this test. There are certainly films that showcase empowered, strong women that fight until the end that still don’t pass this test. We recognize sometimes there just aren’t primary female characters who would get the chance to have a discussion like this, but that in itself can be a problem, that there are that few notable female characters in a film. We certainly want to point out if women are being portrayed for having their own strength and realism, and aren’t totally consumed with a man in every conversation when we know there is far more that defines us as capable, fierce, relatable women. It is certainly not an automatic stamp of approval or failure in judging the strong portrayal of women in horror, but it’s a good starting point and worth noting.